Thursday, November 6, 2014

Silk Artist Wendy Smith-Wood

My work is an exciting blend of precision and chaos.*
~ Artist Wendy Smith-Wood

Remote Alaskan homesteader Wendy Smith-Wood is frank about what it means to be a fiber artist  who lives mostly "off the grid". Her life in Alaska's wilds, more than 100 miles from Anchorage, does not, however, prevent her from setting the highest standards for her silk creations; to the contrary, she draws from nature to advance her craft, sometimes using stones for texture or mastering new dyeing and sculptural techniques. Smith-Wood calls on what she describes as her "great imaginative process" to create what no one else does, and succeeds beautifully. Below is a wonderful video from Alaska Public Media in which Smith-Wood talks about her shibori techniques, the dyes and patterns in her work, and her life.

Smith-Wood offers workshops at her studio and the Sheep Moutain Homestead Cabins, which she owns and operates, and will custom-design and craft unique pieces. Later this month, she will be showing her work at the 36th Annual Arts and Crafts Emporium in Anchorage (November 22 and 23) and at Crafts Weekend 2014 at Anchorage Museum (November 28-30). See her portfolio, which includes flowing, colorful scarves, wraps, stoles and jackets, and other show-stopping wearables. Her "ballet" pieces are exquisite.

(My thanks to PBS NewsHour Art Beat for the link.)

* Quoted from biographical information at Smith-Wood's Website.

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