Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thought for the Day

. . . a poem brings back, also in its brokenness,
a heart to a heart, and to what is not.
~ Tuvia Ruebner

Quoted from "Poem" in In the Illuminated Dark: Selected Poems of Tuvia Ruebner (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014), Translated and Introduced by Rachel Tzvia Back (The book features the poems in both Hebrew and English.)

Tuvia Ruebner (b. 1924), Israeli Poet, Translator, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature, Haifa University

Read Vivian Eden's article "Poem of the Week / Tuvia Ruebner Confronts the Angel of History", Haaretz, July 2, 2013. (The featured poem is "Angelus Novus".)

Rachel Tzvia Back, Poet, Translator, Professor of Literature, Oranim College, Haifa (Among Back's work is her 2012 poetry collection from Singing Horse Press,  A Messenger Comes (Elegies).) 

Read Rachel Tzvia Back's discussion about the art of translation, "Translating Poetry: An Act and Art of Preserving the Essential" at Marginalia, May 20, 2014. A selection of her poems can be found at World Poetry Movement.

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