Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Clare O'Neill, Tawny, 2013
Mixed Media (Photography, Beeswax, Pigments)
30" x 30"
© Clare O'Neill

Today, I can be found at Escape Into Life arts magazine, where I've posted my latest Artist Watch feature on encaustic photographer Clare O'Neill.

Minnesota-based, Clare O'Neill comes to photography by way of a small business she started that offered custom tours of Ireland; while creating the promotional materials for her business, she discovered she had a natural eye and considerable talent for photography. Her strong sense of creative possibility led her to experiment with printing on tissue paper and layering molten beeswax and pigments. The unique, transformative results, as the Artist Watch feature shows, are playful, fluid, and three-dimensional in effect.

All the mixed-media images at EIL, including the image above, were taken underwater and are from O'Neill's ongoing and aptly named series Below the Surface. (Additional examples of her work, which are available as originals and fine art prints, may be seen at her Website.) An Artist Statement and brief biography complement the feature.

O'Neill offers one-on-one mentorships and teaches the art of photo encaustics. Consult her teaching Website for details; her new five-week online course begins January 12, 2015.

Clare O'Neill on FaceBook

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Kathleen said...

Gorgeous! I love learning about the process and how she stumbled upon this creative expression!