Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Muse: New Year in the Know

Monday Muse is closing out 2014 with a little light entertainment: History's quick review of New Year fun facts, which covers everything from date-setting on ancient calendars, to celebrations with special foods, to marking the stroke of midnight with fireworks or a pickle* or possum** drop. Enjoy!

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Somehow I missed 2011 (because, as I recall now, I was working the final text for Neruda's Memoirs imminent release); however, I did manage to write a villanelle.

* New Year's Eve Pickle Drop, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania (January 1, 2013: YouTube)

** New Year's Eve Possum Drop, Brasstown, North Carolina, and Tallapoosa, Georgia (Please note: Monday Muse is on the side of the possum. Courts have ruled both for and against.)

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