Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Muse Watches 'The Spider'

If her web be art, then she is an artist
of symmetry who walks on air. . . .

Recently I happened upon the site Short of the Week, which features a collection of videopoems. One I found in the collection is an animation of a poem by Gabor Barabas inspired by the art of sculptor Louise BourgeoisThe Spider. Barabas was a friend of Bourgeois. Using the simplest of animated drawings, the short addresses contradictory forces of nature.

By filmmaker Juan Delcan of Nola Pictures, the film received in 2008 a 365 award for motion graphics from AIGA (formerly, American Institute of Graphic Arts).

The Spider also can be found at Moving Poems, Online Short FilmsStudio Daily, and TES Connect. It appeared in numerous film and poetry festivals.

Gabor Barabas on FaceBook

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