Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Short

Today's short is the trailer for a recently recommended film, Decoding Annie Parker, directed by cinematographer Steven Bernstein (Gathr Films). The film relates the true story of Annie Parker, a three-time cancer survivor who lost her sister and mother to the disease, and the research scientist Dr. Mary-Claire King, who discovered the BRCA-1 breast cancer gene, thereby validating breast cancer's genetic link. (Additional information about Dr. King is here, here, and here. She was the subject also of this June 2, 2014, Time article by Alice Park.) That discovery is considered one of the most important of the last century. Parker, author of Annie Parker Decoded: Surviving Hereditary Cancer, was one of the first women in Canada to be tested for the gene.

You will find additional videos related to the film at the film's Website.

Decoding Annie Parker on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

Annie Parker Website

BRCA Gene Awareness Website

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