Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Interview at TweetSpeak Poetry

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Used With Permission

You'll find me today at TweetSpeak Poetry, which has posted my interview with Jordan Ackerman, one of the creative geniuses behind WordSurge®—The Smart Dictionary, a new Website tool that promises an interactive experience in word discovery and exploration.

In my interview, Ackerman, a 2011 graduate of New York University, talks about the creative inspiration for and challenges in creating the newly launched product; why he thinks WordSurge® will appeal to poets and other writers, songsmiths, hip-hop artists, and anyone else who loves words, definitions, rhymes, and everything related to spoken and written words; what makes the product different from all other online dictionaries; and what he hopes to learn from prospective "WordSurgeons", that is, users, during the product's current Beta testing phase.

Join me for "Not Your Father's Dictionary: A Word-Discovery Tool for Tomorrow" at TweetSpeak Poetry.

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