Thursday, May 14, 2015

Melody Gardot's 'Preacherman'

You'll find below an excellent music video based on the provocative true story of Emmett Louis Till, who, at age 14, was murdered brutally in August 1955; the acquittal of his killers helped foster a national movement to end race discrimination in America and ensure civil rights for all. 

The video, titled Preacherman, from singer-songwriter Melody Gardot's album Currency of Man (June 2, 2015), was filmed in Mississippi earlier this year by director Calum MacDiarmid. A cousin of Till's appears in the video. (Read "Melody Gardot Draws on the Death of Emmett Till for 'Preacherman' Video" at Speakeasy, the blog of The Wall Street Journal.)

Emmitt Till Legacy Foundation

For a behind-the-scenes look at the video's making, watch "Behind the Scenes: Preacherman and the Legacy of Emmett Till".

If you have not read the late Jake Adam York's Persons Unknown (Crab Orchard Review and Southern Illinois University Press, 2010), I encourage you to do so. Included in the collection is the poem "Collect" that speaks to the death of Emmitt Till. I also highly recommend York's other collections, Murder Ballads (Elixer Press. 2005) and A Murmuration of Starlings (Crab Orchard Review and Southern Illinois University Press, 2008).

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