Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Year of Shakespeare

This year marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. Observing the anniversary in a way accessible to all the world is Oxford University Press, which has created a marvelous new resource, Illuminating Shakespeare. It's likely to become a much-visited site throughout the year.

Each month, OUP promises to post a new theme complemented with commissioned videos, book recommendations, articles including scholarly criticism, and interactive content, such as quizzes on the Oxford Dictionaries blog (one tests your knowledge of quotations). Site visitors will be treated to such thematic content as the following: Shakespeare's Reading, Shakespeare and Women, Shakespeare Studies & Criticism, Shakespeare and Film, Shakespeare and Religion, Shakespeare and Islam, Shakespeare on Sex and Relationships, Shakespeare and Money, and much more, including infographics, factsheets, explorations in Elizabethan history, images of portraits and other artworks, an A-to-Z compilation of authorities on Shakespeare's works, and an online dictionary covering all things Shakespeare. Separate sections have been created for schools and for librarians

At Illuminating Shakespeare, there is something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned reader of the Bard's plays and poetry or just learning about him for the first time.

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Also of Note

Shakespeare400, Consortium of Cultural, Creative, and Educational Organizations (Here you'll find series of quatercentenary performances, exhibitions, film screenings, and lectures.)

Shakespeare's Legacy in 2016 (The Literary Platform)

Shakespeare Lives (British Council)

Pelican Shakespeare Series, Penguin Classics (The new illustrated covers by Manuja Waldia are eye-catching and imaginative. The first four in the series of 40 may be pre-ordered.)


Kathleen said...

Thanks for this, a great resource, in addition to the ones you list, for info on Shakespeare during this big anniversary year! Our local public library is devoting an evening to love poems + sonnets by Shakespeare, in February, part of #DiscoverWill, a statewide celebration of a national tour of the First Folio. Lots going on, indeed!

Unknown said...

An amazing selection of resources, for Shakespeare fans old and new!