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Monday Muse: New Rhode Island Poet Laureate

. . . I write to explore, to understand, and, ultimately, to share.
Writing in any form awakens us to the world. . . .
~ Tina Cane*

Tina Cane began her five-year term as Rhode Island's sixth Poet Laureate on November 4, 2016. Cane replaces Rick Benjamin, who relinquished the job at the start of 2016 to move to California, where he teaches at the University of California at Santa Barbara. (Benjamin began his term on January 9, 2013. See Benjamin's article, "On Butternut Squash and Rhode Island's Next Poet Laureate" in the November 17, 2016, Providence Journal.)

Information about the legislatively established position can be found in my Monday Muse post about Lisa Starr (2007-2012).

In her state role, in addition to advocating for poetry and the literary arts generally, Cane aims to demonstrate how "[i]n schools and communities across the state, poetry can be a significant force for public good and personal growth. During my tenure, I hope every Rhode Islander gets a chance to develop a love of literature, to explore self-expression and to understand that poetry, because it is such a flexible form, truly belongs to everyone."** Two specific goals are to establish poetry workshop scholarships for veterans and mentoring programs for young boys and men.

Among Cane's early 2017 events is the February 5 Langston Hughes Memorial Reading at RIDS Museum. A monthly column in the Providence Journal also is anticipated.

* * * * *

New York City-born Tina Cane is the author of Once More With Feeling (Veliz Books, January 2017), her debut poetry collection, and Dear Elena: Letters for Elena Ferrante, a letterpress-printed, signed and numbered, limited-edition book (Skillman Avenue Press/DWRI, 2016); and the book-length poem "The Fifth Thought", which was named the 2008 Other Painters Press chapbook winner.

Founder and director and visiting poet of the educational program Writers-in-the-Schools, Rhode Island, Cane also teaches creative writing. In addition to providing instruction in both public and private schools in Rhode Island and New York City, Cane, who holds a master's degree in French literature, is a teacher for Frequency Providence, a writing community. She serves on the board of directors of the literary journal Drunken Boat.

Marked by lyricism, inventiveness, wit, and rich imagery, as well as a lack of punctuation, Cane's poems take as their subjects the poet's childhood in New York City, family, choices and decision-making, personal growth or change, sex and relationships, nature, and people and places. Readers will find in her poems allusions to writers, poets, musicians, actors, and other contemporary and historical persons.

Here's one of Cane's wonderful poems, "The Rose in Neruda":

I have
but one dress

like the rose
in Neruda does

my flesh too
dips toward love

Cane's poems, as well as her French translations, have been published in numerous periodicals, among them, Barrow Street, The Birmingham ReviewCargo Literary Magazine, The Common, Hanging Loose, The Literary ReviewLa Petite Zine, Salt Hill JournalSpinning Jenny, Tupelo Quarterly, and Two Serious Ladies. Cane's work, which has received finalist status in, among others, the Dorset, Sunken Garden, and Snowbound poetry contests and semifinalist status in the Pleiades Press Editors Prize for Poetry (2015), also can be found on the Websites for the Academy of American Poets and The Good Men Project. It is anthologized in Girls: An Anthology (Global City Press, 1998).

In 2016, Cane was awarded a State Council on the Arts Fellowship Merit Award in Poetry.


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Cane's 2016 poetry feature at The Common, a collaboration with Rhode Island artist Esther Solondz, includes the epistolary poems "Letter for Elena Ferrante: Cosa Nostra", "Letter for Elena Ferrante: Flirt", "Letter for Elena Ferrante: Falcons", and "Letter for Elena Ferrante: Frenemy". (For more about the collaboration, see "The Synchronicity of Collaboration" at Our RISD", December 14, 2016.)

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Tina Cane on FaceBook and SheWrites

Writers-in-the-Schools, RI on FaceBook 

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