Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday's Three on Poetry

Today, Thursday's Three brings you a trio of poetry films, all comprising collaborations between spoken word poet and novelist Lucy English and a voiceover artist, actor, or poet and a filmmaker. The films are part of English's excellent Book of Hours project.

As of October 30, 2016, English's project totaled 19 films and another 7 in production; her project goal is 48 films. (Read "Update on the Book of Hours Project; More Collaborators Sought" at Moving Poems.)

High Summer: The Book of Hours (GIFT Producciones, 2015) ~ In this collaboration, English's poem "High Summer" for Liberated Words is read by actor, poet, and voiceover artist Nick Pemberton. The filmmaker is Carolyn Richardson.

Que Es El Amor (GIFT Producciones, 2016) ~ For this film, director Eduardo Yague translates into Spanish English's lyric poem What Is Love? Yague also provides the voiceover. Appearing in the videopoem is actor Steffan Carlson.

Daisy Chain (GIFT Producciones, 2017) ~ This film is also directed by Eduardo Yague. Its voiceover is by Rebecca Tantony, and the music is by Podington Bear. Actress Gabriella Roy appears briefly. 

Lucy English on FaceBook and Vimeo

Lucy English Profile at British Council

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