Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Tweets for the Twoem on Love

Earlier this morning, I directed you to TweetSpeakPoetry for "Love at the Masquerade Ball"—the latest twoem (Twitter poem) to be created from an online poetry jam. Below you'll find my tweets for the twoem, which was remarkably edited by Glynn Young of Faith, Fiction, Friends blog.


With kohl did Cleo paint her almond eyes
marking yet the time till Mark might seek
to bid her well

Asp did leave a mark
greater than mine own mark on Mark

Mine eyes hold you Cleo
as sun holds light

And yet the glint of thine own eyes, Mark
leave me stunned

Interesting shapes
do our sands foretell
if there be pyramid moon

Does yet one bite of asp
leave you for loss of tongue, dear Mark?

Such be the Sphinx
enigmas be all we have

Quick sand does pull us in
honey gives of too much that's sweet
and on peagreen boat do we wreck such havoc

Mark's ship goes out on sands of time
Cleo an uncontent to show
in kohl-burned eyes


Flying carpets
threads aflutter
magic lamps to rub and wish

Jasmine's sweetest smell of all
turning heads
magic is one wish yet granted

Honey drips from cave walls
leaving Ali and his thieves in sticky situation

Each tooth a falling star
on which to count the days
till Jasmine's sweetest scent does rise

Teeth lie unfound in sand
covering a thousand lost wishes

In all of India
no heart cries more
than mine for thee


My native ground
scarce left behind
I traveled to England
John's country

A curiosity they found me there
though John did soothe
my longing

My skin be red yet soft
John saw the difference
made of it a dream
we dreamed together

I need not ask their courtesies
My John saw to that
Defended me


Samson's strength
shorn as a heart
in love might be shorn
of dreams
when cut in two

Love that binds
and frees
'tis woman's ways to find the means

A single lock
its strength
enclosed in memory

Of pain
recalled by light


Scarlet's heart a scarlet tear
so rent by Rhett


Lost on Moors
from tower ramparts
do I wish to fling myself
if your love be denied

Shadows in heather
do gather


Juliet might yet speak up, Glynn
showing you the way of words

A silly friar's potion
was all she needed
to test Romeo's true love


As long a nose
no lie might tell
ever did my heart
yearn for Roxane

One's own true love
if she know it
may be luckiest of all


Compare me to soil
to dirt
wherein grows love
like so many blooms unseen


Just means
my secrets yet
await you


Guinny waited for her knight
all night
their story to retell

And too soon did grow weary
of spinning
tales of Camelot

Cold not
if fire
we do build
to scorching

Who be left
on whom we cast
such spells
as love might make


A wisp
of snow
her love burned out
Lara' theme so ends

Veil of longing
dropped quietly
for love steps softly
in moon's light
and shadow

Russian boots
do stamp
love out
too quick

Too many questions
do make of love
a bitter ending

Soldiers' whines
of loves lost
never to be recovered
in snow dreams

Cold long nights
in Russia
leave little else but time for

all lovers bid
sooner or later

All aspens mourn then
the morning song
to seize the day

Before goodbyes
leave us all
to other dreams

'Tis difficult
and yet methinks
we did quite well
Evening ends in Lara's song
of knights
and nights
and Jasmine
Juliet's sorrow at end


Applause to all
Goodnight on this note

Advance thanks to @gyoung9751 for magic
you'll be working on our words. . . .

Buena sera.

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