Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Look at Divining Nature

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lucian Perkins filmed and recently posted to his Website his video of the installation "Divining Nature", the homage to the periodic table created by my friend, artist Rebecca Kamen. Perkins's video captures beautifully the uniqueness — and magical qualities — of the sculptural mylar forms, each of which represents one of 83 naturally occurring elements, as well as responses from viewers, including children who incorporated the piece into their science studies. Tina Devine, a graphic artist, poet, and professional storyteller who also is on the staff of the Won Institute, Glenside, Pennsylvania, is shown in the video leading a family workshop titled "Divining Nature: The Blooming Universe".

Please take a look:

Additional videos on the artwork, including choreography inspired by the installation, are posted here.

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Glynn said...

What a beautiful exhibit -- thanks for sharing this.