Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's Arts Renewal Celebration

. . . [our] world needs the vision of art that can help us sense the presence of grace.
~ Gregory Wolfe, Publisher and Editor, Image Journal

Today marks the launch of the New Renaissance Rising Arts Renewal Celebration, which I described in my "All Art Friday" edition of November 13.

J. Scott McElroy, NRR's founder and author of Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity, narrates this new video for today's event in which local artists, congregations, and organizations all over the world gather in churches and public venues to "proclaim God's movement" to reestablish and reintegrate the arts in faith and church.

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Anonymous said...

What a great movement!
I belong to a Presbyterian church which has always had a stong commitment to the arts - an ongoing gallery display in the "lobby" area, an annual art show with the artists in the congregation, and quarterly "festival of the arts" musical programs. I really appreciate what this CIVA group is doing. Thanks for bringing it out!