Monday, November 23, 2009

his birth (Poem)

Christine at Abbey of the Arts is throwing a poetry party this week, her 41st. All are invited. The theme is "expanding the heart in gratitude" and the instructions are to write a haiku (or a longer poem) about "a heart-expanding moment for you, in the course of everyday life". Alternatively, participants may contribute a gratitude list of at least "five things you are grateful for".

I offer this:

his birth

pushing pushing pushed   then done
together     breathing apart
child drawing circle to close

On November 29, Christine will draw at random the name of one lucky contributor who will receive a copy of her newest zine, Crossing the Threshold: New Year, New Beginnings.

To offer your own poem or gratitude list and to read others' contributions, click here.


L.L. Barkat said...

Not sure if I have any haiku about my person. :)

But I liked yours.

Anonymous said...


Abbey of the Arts said...

beautiful words Maureen - thank you so much for this offering to the party!