Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love Builds Up: Poem for Glynn (Poem)

Love Builds Up
Poem for Glynn

builds up
cascading one heart
to another

To you
  so watchful stilled.

How we would caress
your spirit
in this fragile hour

Dividing hope for
one yet born for
one with life in storm.

Our hands enfold
your two own
pressed in One's

unspooling worry and untying fear
enough to let 

for you 
such sweetness of

as we might build 
you shelter
from spring rain.

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas


S. Etole said...

This is beautiful, Maureen, and speaks our hearts so well ... thank you

Anonymous said...

Everything I wish I could say. Thank you for speaking for us.

Glynn said...

I've gotten 2 hours sleep in the last 48, my emotions are scraped raw, and I find a quiet moment before we reach the birth of a grandchild -- and I see this. I thought I had cried all my tears today. I was wrong. Thank you for this, Maureen.

Jennifer @ said...

Perfect. How you do this over and over again -- finding the words that most of us can merely grope for?

Thank you....

(I'm praying too.)

Candy said...

Thank you for these beautiful, comforting words.

L.L. Barkat said...

I loved all of this, but especially...

unspooling worry and untying fear.

And Glynn... you made me catch my breath with your response.