Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thought for the Day

Psychological health reaches its zenith when it includes a spiritual consciousness that takes note of the world's condition and wants to make a contribution to its healing. The calling to pay attention to poets of our time and to write our own poetry is not simply personal. It is also collective and evolutionary. . . A poem with universal voice is a coin, a means of exchange at the level of the greatest human value. . . The move toward life and higher consciousness is ever arising in our commitment to cocreate, to join with the creative forces of evolution. Poetry is one form such passion can take. Every poem is a political and spiritual act. It becomes so by the uniqueness of the voice of the poet and his or her commitment  to a better world. . . . 

Human Becoming: Practical Steps to Self-Respect and Compassionate Relationships, a free 98-page e-book that contains a collection of excerpts from Dr. Richo's books, may be downloaded here.


Glynn said...

Every poem is also an act of hope.

Louise Gallagher said...

Love the quote Maureen. The idea of a poet's voice being used to make the world a better place -- that's what we're all doing with our blogs. Using our unique voices to create a better world. Thanks for all you do to create 'better' in my world.



Anonymous said...

Poetry is one form such passion can take.


This is one passion that can become poetry.

Laura said...

A very moving thought for this day. As i waved palm branch this morning, I thought of all the hope He brought, and all the hopes dashed. That we, as community--as Body--can be His kingdom here...that too is a powerful thought.

I'm going to check out the e-book now.