Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gaming to Solve World Problems

If we want to solve problems
 like hunger, poverty, climate change,
 global conflict, obesity, I believe that 
 we need to aspire to play games online
 for at least 21 billion hours every week
 for at least the next decade.

If you're laughing at McConigal's comment, you are not alone. Everyone in her audience laughed, too. 

Now shake your head, get serious, and listen closely to McConigal's explanation for why gaming isn't just a matter of having fun.

McGonigal's Website is AvantGame.

1 comment:

M.L. Gallagher said...

Oh my -- I'm not doing my bit. Gotta get gaming so I too can create epic wins -- and wow -- not as good in reality as we are in games.

how sad.

And you're right. I laughed and now, I'm intriqued.

Thanks for this!