Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Musical Setting of 'A Boy and a Girl'

Poetry set to music can be sublime. Just listen to this composition by Eric Whitacre of "A Boy and a Girl" ("Los Novios") by the great Octavio Paz.

Equus (+SSA) by ericwhitacre

A videotaped performance of the piece is here.

A Boy and a Girl

Stretched out on the grass,
a boy and a girl.
Savoring their oranges,
giving their kisses like waves exchanging foam.

Stretched out on the beach,
a boy and agirl.
Savoring their limes,
giving their kisses like clouds exchanging foam.

Stretched out underground,
a boy and a girl.
Saying nothing, never kissing,
giving silence for silence.

~ Translation by Muriel Rukeyser


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"The Q&A: Eric Whitacre, Composer", The Economist, June 14, 2011

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Annie Boreson said...

That is haunting....which is the reason I like it so.