Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing has something for every kind of visual artist and literary type. You techies also will find at least two features of interest.

✦ Are you a poet or writer looking for inspiration? Be sure to check out Creative Writing Prompts for Writers. The site accepts submissions of visual art to serve as prompts.

✦ A wonderful source of poetry and fiction in translation, Calypso Editions is an artist-run cooperative press that publishes four books each year for which its only criterion is excellence. You may order directly from the site. Among its newest releases: Anna Swir, Building the Barricade and Other Poems, a bilingual collection in Polish and English, translated by Piotr Florzyk; and Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry, published in Romanian and English, translated by Martin Woodside. (My thanks to Susan Rich from whom I learned of this wonderful press.)

✦ If you're the kind of person who can never get enough Lewis Carroll, you'll enjoy visiting the site for  Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes. It's more than a craft and cookery book by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech.

Everything Alice on Twitter 

✦ Use Recollection when you want to create and customize interactive maps, timelines, and tag clouds, or otherwise "experience" digital collections. The software platform draws on Web-based open standards and open-source tools that make it possible to collect and explore diverse collections of data.

✦ Founded in 2008, the Web journal TheStudioVisit introduces professional artists at work in their studios to communities of other artists, curators, writers, and supporters of visual arts. Its objective is to show and de-mystify the technical and intellectual processes of contemporary art-making, in all media, by going into artists' studios and discussing the artists' ideas, critiquing, and filming demonstrations. Contributors have visited artists in the District of Columbia and the states of Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington; and Latin America. TSV's "chief collaborator" is mixed-media artist, curator, and educator Isabel Manalo.

✦ Few people would admit to not being able to find anything to read; however, if you count yourself in that group, check out Byliner, which publishes in digital form original articles of 10,000 to 35,000 words. The articles range over culture, technology, politics, business, science, crime, adventure, sports, and just about any other subject of writing. The site also serves as social media function by connecting writers directly with their audiences. Writers with more than 10 Byliner-featured articles become candidates for writer directory pages.

Byliner on FaceBook and Twitter

Byliner Blog

✦ And here is something very cool: Historypin, created by We Are What We Do in partnership with Google and launched July 11. (Historypin also has a Smartphone app.)

Historypin on FaceBook and Twitter

Historypin Blog


Louise Gallagher said...

Holy pin stuck in a map! History pins is amazing!

Only prob -- I can't find the app on my Iphone -- I think Google and Apple are not making history together!!!

S. Etole said...

Some fun links here ...

Poetic Soul said...

I have got to check these links out

Unknown said...

I love History Pins! I'm sharing it with my homeschool group right now. What a neat application!