Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take 10 for the English Language

Last week, the Open University released a cleverly written 10-part series, The History of English in Ten Minutes: 1,600 years of history about the evolution of the English language chunked into quick-as-a-wink segments. Some of the facts may surprise you; their presentation will delight. Here's Part IX, "Internet English":

The full series of animations (access the playlist at the link):

1 Anglo-Saxon

2  The Norman Conquest

3 Shakespeare

4 The King James Bible

5 The English of Science

6 English and Empire

7 The Age of the Dictionary

8 American English

9 Internet English

10 Global English

Open University on Twitter and iTunes


S. Etole said...

Fun little video!

Connie said...

Smiling here..remembering in the mid 80's when I bought my first IBM computer (IBM or Apple in those days)

I felt like Ma Kettle off the farm---copy/paste!! backspace!! Loved it, love it still. For years, I pounded the keys like it was my Underwood.