Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brian McCarty's War-Toys Project

. . . Over the years I started to see the potential of toys
for healing and communication. So War-Toys in a nutshell
allows children to articulate their experiences of war, occupation,
terrorism through a collaborative process. It's all based on art
therapy and play therapy. . . .
~ Brian McCarty

Artist and photographer Brian McCarty is the co-director and producer of the War-Toys Project, a documentary film and photo essay in-progress that examine the use of "war toys" as cultural artifacts and as therapeutic tools that give insights into human conflict and also provide a means, in particular for children at play, to articulate and recover from war's trauma-inducing experiences. McCarty, who works with art therapists and in-country humanitarian organizations in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, is seeking funding, via Kickstarter, for his fascinating project, which will take him back to the Middle East in January. 

In the video below, McCarty, who describes himself as a "toy photographer", discusses with CNN his concept, the work he has done to date and how he does it, and where his project might take him in the future. Given the number of children the world over, and especially in the Middle East, who are subject to war's devastating effects, McCarty's project deserves to be showcased and supported (donations of as little as one dollar are accepted at the Kickstarter project site). 

Direct CNN Video Link (The video also may be viewed at McCarty's Website; see News section.)

Asieh Namdar, "Art Project Combines War, Therapy — and Toys", CNN, November 3, 2011

Selection of Images (via CNN) on War-Toys Project

Proof-of-Concept Trailer on Vimeo

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Brian McCarty on Flickr and FaceBook

Art-Toys, Monograph with Preface by Douglas Rushkoff (Baby Tattoo Books, 2010)

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