Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing offers links to 400 years of the King James Version of the Bible, a book-seller specializing in first editions, poetic forms, music performance, the pop-up master Robert Sabuda, and a site whose tagline is "We Come from the Future". Enjoy!

✦ Celebrating 400 years of the King James Version of the Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers has established a Website, KJV400™, that includes an online gallery of bibles and artifacts, podcasts, Verse of the Day, and other resources, including numerous videos and a downloadable booklet (pdf) about the Bible's history. Thomas Nelson is the leading publisher of KJV Bibles.

Thomas Nelson/KJV400™ on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

✦ If, like me, you enjoy books on the arts, you'll take pleasure browsing the online stacks at Royal Books, which also specializes in first editions of modern literature. The company's blog also is worth following.

✦ If you are a fan of such poetic forms as the ghazal, pantoum, rondelet, sestina, triolet, and villanelle, be sure to visit the poetry journal Tilt-a Whirl. And to bone up on the mechanics of repeating forms, see the site's cheat sheet.

Another online journal of interest is Umbrella, which includes prose.

✦ Got a musician in the house? Check out the blog The Bulletproof Musician by Dr. Noa Kageyama of The Julliard School in New York City, who helps talented musicians prepare for orchestra job auditions, overcome performance anxiety, and enhance solo performance. Even if you're not a musician, you might find some advice you can use on the job.

✦ Children's book creator Robert Sabuda is the go-to artist for all things pop-up. His Website is replete with information about his books (a very long list of marvelous creations),  how to create pop-ups, books about how to make pop-ups, exhibits, an international pop-up gallery, monthly contests, and more. The self-taught artist's delight in manipulating paper is infectious. In this video, Sabuda talks about his passion for "the magic of books" and the challenges he creates for himself.

Robert Sabuda's Blog The Pop-Up Studio NYC

✦ You may be surprised by what you'll find at io9, a daily publication covering science, science fiction, and the future. The site features a science Quote of the Day, a column called Monsters Among Us, book trailers, stories about neuroscience breakthroughs, science mysteries, videos, and plenty of other stuff that will keep you returning for new finds.

Flowers & Cream Press is the newest small press/independent poetry publishing imprint. Its editor and founder is Sonic Youth songwriter Thurston Moore, and the first release is the limited-edition The Strings of Walnetto Arrangements by Ben Estes.

Thurston Moore on FaceBook

Sonic Youth on FaceBook


Louise Gallagher said...

As always, a cornucopia of possibilities.

Love Robert Sabuda's work. I too am a pop-up junkie :)

the sad red earth said...

I can just imagine your pleasure in discovering Tilt-a-Whirl!