Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's somewhat international edition takes you to Paris for sweets, to Canada for poetry, and all over the world for an assortment of geeky day trips. When you tire of all that travel, sit back for a game of kerning or explore the offerings at ArtFacts.

✦ Ah, Paris. From authentic bistros, to wine bars, to chic shopping, to flea markets, to the perfect pain au chocolate, you'll find many things Paris at The Little Bookroom. Just browsing the French offerings here is guaranteed to make you want to hop the next and fastest plane to the City of Lights. And if your tastes run warmer toward Italy, United Kingdom, New York, California, or elsewhere, you'll find some of the best guidebooks, notecards, journals, and art- and culture-related travel information for those locales with just a click. Bon voyage!

Slideshow for Susan Hochbaum's Pastry Paris: In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert (Little Bookroom, October 2011)

✦ Distributing the space between letters to make text readable is called kerning. Now there's a game site, Kern Type, where you can test your own kerning skills against a typographer's. This is educational and fun!

Of related interest: "How to Kern Type Perfectly" at Typecast

✦ Beautiful editions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction are available through the Canadian literary press Biblioasis. You'll also find there an international translation series and a series of short fiction chapbooks.  Stop in at the Website and have a look around.

Biblioasis on FaceBook and Twitter

✦ Looking for places to visit while on the road? Don't limit yourself to the usual sites on the Web. Dr. Ben Goldacre and Jo Brodie love nerdy day trips and now you can, too. At Nerdy Day Trips, you can experience the delights of whole- and half-day trips to abandoned nuclear bunkers, nature spots, roads left to go nowhere, chalk pits, factories, historic locations, sea forts, and a long list of other destinations around the world (but especially in the United Kingdom) for which a crowd-sourced searchable Nerdmap (Google map) exists. Got a nerdy day trip of your own? Register and stick in a push pin. New destinations are added frequently. (My thanks for this link are owed to a tweet from Brainpickings.)

Nerdy Day Trips on FaceBook and Twitter

Nerdy Day Trips Blog

✦ The library as we used to know it may be becoming a thing of the past but research hasn't. And where there's information, there's opportunity, especially through the Web. Communities of users still exist for academic, corporate, military, public, K-12 schools, and even newspaper archival libraries. If you're in one of these communities and looking for ways to help your library transform itself so you can get your research done, check out the tools and content available through ProQuest, which has an extraordinary range of aggregated databases, and then go have a talk with your librarian.  

Art Facts comprises a huge searchable database of "insider information" about modern, contemporary, and emerging artists, artworks, art galleries and museums, and art fairs and exhibitions around the world. It also provides a column of art-related news daily. The site is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Art Facts on Twitter

✦ A video treat from Ji Lee, FaceBook creative director: Words as Image:

Ji Lee, author of Word as Image (Perigee Trade, October 2011)


Louise Gallagher said...

Well. Sitting here in my bed, sipping coffee, I've wandered through patisseries in Paris, checked out the Eyam Plague Museum -- quite fascinating! and I've been enthralled by Word as Image.

Plus. I even did some Christmas shopping as I bough my step-daughter a beautiful travel guide of Paris where she'll be going for 3 months to live in the spring. Bonus!

Tee hee -- and I never had to even get out of bed!

Anonymous said...

word as image :-)

the sad red earth said...

The Little Bookroom seems destined to be a source of gifts for years to come.