Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kalman on Kalman

It's love and it's work. . . .
~ Maira Kalman

One of my favorite artists, the illustrator and writer Maira Kalman, the subject of this video from the "Epiphany" series at THNKR, a YouTube channel, talks insightfully about her identity, love of books, art, life, and mortality:

Kalman is the illustrator most recently of Michael Pollan's Food Rules (2011) and the author and illustrator of And the Pursuit of Happiness (2010). Her most recent children's book is 13 Words (2010).

Maira Kalman at Julie Saul Gallery, The Jewish Museum (2011 Exhibition), The New Yorker (Cover Art), and The New York Times 

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(My thanks to Paris Review's blog for the THNKR link.)


Ruth said...

She is a source of constant inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

good video, thanks for sharing.