Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing introduces you to "America's Mad Professor of Fiction Writing", sets you up for a visit to the Drive-In Movie Ads archive, takes you to Salinas for the National Steinbeck Center, and joins you at The Common. After watching the videopoem "An Elm We Lost" you'll want to link back to some tips on happiness at Yes! magazine.

✦ Physicist and novelist Randy Ingermanson, the so-called "Mad Professor of Fiction Writing", publishes an e-mag for fiction writers. You'll gain access to Ingermanson's blog, articles, talks, and more here.

✦ Even if you're too young to remember going to drive-in movie theatres, you'll get a kick out of these advertisements in the Drive-In Movie Ads archive. You may browse the collection or search by keyword; some titles are rated. Be sure to check the sidebars. (My thanks to Internet Archive Blogs for the link.)

✦ Salinas, California, is the setting for the National Steinbeck Center, whose mission is to preserve the legacy of writer John Steinbeck.

National Steinbeck Center on FaceBook and Twitter

✦ Based at Amherst College, the print and online literary journal The Common publishes fiction, poetry, essays, documentary vignettes, and images embodying a sense of time and place, real and imagined. Take a look online; the site's worth a visit.

The Common on FaceBook and Twitter

Happiness occupies its own section at Yes! magazine.

✦ Today's video by Los Angeles-based designer/director Antonio Cicarelli features Marvin Bell's poem "An Elm We Lost".


Louise Gallagher said...

Watching 'the Elm' I thought -- how beautiful. I want to be able to do that! It is visually stunning.

And I did link back to Yes! -- thanks! :)

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