Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This edition of Saturday Sharing is meant to inspire. You might want to start at Picturing Peace before heading to Nina Katchadourian's for Sorted Books, Words without Borders for Japanese fiction and poetry, or comics at Fantagraphics. Just don't miss the city made of type or Yi Zhou's beautiful short.  

✦ Here's a gallery of book spine poems, compiled earlier this year. Artist Nina Katchadourian has an ongoing project (it began in 1993), Sorted Books, that has produced some delightful results. Lots of fun!

✦ The online Words without Borders, whose July and August issues feature fiction and poetry from Japan, features graphic lit from around the world.

WWB on FaceBook and Twitter

Picturing Peace, a project of the City of Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support and the city's Downtown Improvement District, is a collaborative community engagement and photography project exploring issues of youth violence, peace and safety, and community support. A Picturing Peace Exhibit is touring county libraries this summer and fall. Go here to see how a dozen teens photographed their perspectives on pace and safety.

✦ Seattle, Washington, is home to one of the most influential publishers of comics: Fantagraphics Books. A sister site is The Comics Journal.

Fantagraphics on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube

✦ Marvel a little bit at Hong Seon Jang's Type City (2012), comprising letterpress on wood panel. 

✦ Today's video selection, Yijing3 - Love and Death, is from Yi Zhou, a multimedia artist who lives in Paris and Shanghai. The artist talks about the video here.

"Underworlds Rising", SPREAD Art Culture, March 11, 2012 (You'll find here Yi Zhou's fascinating 2009 video The Ear.)

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Laura Boggess said...

Such good stuff, Maureen! I really enjoyed the Picturing Peace photos and the photos of the book sorting project. But that video of Yi Zhou's really got me. I read the interview and was touched at how she is using her art to help with accepting her Bipolar diagnosis. Her words about the person who inspired the video gave me pause and offer a little insight into this type of thought process. Very interesting.