Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jennifer Rubell's 'Just Right'

Some artists use paint. . . and then there is New Yorker Jennifer Rubell, who uses food, usually in staggering amounts. In this brief video, Rubell, a Harvard University graduate who also attended the Culinary Institute of America and for many years wrote about food, introduces viewers to her Just Right installation, an interactive take on the Goldilocks story. Additional information about Just Right, which required 36 crockpots of porridge and an untold number of packets of raisins and sugar, is here.

Photo-essays of some of Rubell's other recent projects are here. Watch her interesting interview with Gestalten TV here.


Louise Gallagher said...

Who knew the Goldilocks story had such depth and meaning in contemporary art?

That is quite... amazing!

Anonymous said...

Now i am wanting a bowl of oatmeal.

i love bowls and spoons.