Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

We might want to call today's Saturday Sharing the Global Edition. You'll find links to the worldwide initiative One Billion Rising, the multilingual portal Europeana, Venture Lab, which allows you to take free online courses and collaborate with other students who may be anywhere in the world, and the extraordinary "Big History" project known as ChronoZoom. 

✦ Join the grassroots initiative One Billion Rising and lend your voice to the movement to stop violence against women.

VDay Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Project Twenty12

One Billion Rising on FaceBook and Tumblr

✦ At The Dance Oral History Channel, New York Public Library, you'll find a selection of clips from more than 4,000 recordings with dancers, choreographers, dance scholars, and producers, all part of the Dance Division's Oral History Archive and Project. Also of note: the Speaking of Dancing project, which focuses on interpretation in dance.

NYPL for the Performing Arts on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

✦ The multilingual digital portal Europeana, co-funded by the European Union, offers access to books, paintings, films, museum objects, and digitized archival records from European cultural and scientific organizations. It is dedicated to furthering the exchange of knowledge among librarians, curators, archivists, and those involved in creative industries. On the site, you can browse through exhibitions and new content, via provider, and explore Europe's heritage via a timeline. Users may save favorite items and searches and even add tags using the "My Europeana" feature. Europeana's database includes more than 20 million objects, all free to reuse. The cultural metadata are released under a Creative Commons license, thus making it available to apps developers, designers, and other digital creatives. (My thanks for the link go to The Bigger Picture blog of Smithsonian Institution Archives.)

Europeana on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Europeana Blog

✦ Samuel Silva's ballpoint pen drawings show off the artist's mastery of the medium.

✦ Developed by a team of Stanford University students, Venture Lab offers free online courses that are experiential, interactive, and collaborative. All courses are open to the public.

✦ The open-source community project ChronoZoom aims to visualize the history of everything; use it to uncover data in the form of articles, images, video, sound, and other multimedia. Developed by the University of California/Berkeley and Moscow State University and funded by Microsoft Research Connections, the interactive tool draws on "Big History" to visualize temporal relationships among events, trends, and themes. Plans are to offer both crowd-sourced and curated versions of ChronoZoom. Already, the Beta impresses.

"ChronoZoom: A Deep Dive Into the History of Everything" (Additional resources are available at the link.)

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