Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anish Kapoor's 'Dismemberment Site 1'

To make new art, you have to make new form.
~ Artist Anish Kapoor

Earlier this year, I featured clips from Alberta Chu's Asklabs documentary about the construction of Richard Serra's Te Tuhiringa Contour at business entrepreneur Alan Gibbs's 1,000-acre sculpture park "The Farm" in Kaipara, New Zealand. (Read that post here.) Today, I'm taking a look at another artist, Anish Kapoor, who was commissioned to create his own site-specific work for The Farm. Chu documented the evolution and creation of the large-scale sculpture of PVC, tensioned fabric, and steel tube, titled Dismemberment Site 1; her film had its world premiere at RISD Museum of Art, Providence, Rhode Island, in January of this year and was screened at the Peabody Essex Museum

Kapoor's outdoor piece, completed in 2009, took six years to create. As was the case with Serra's work, the realization of Kapoor's sculpture was complex in design and construction. From all appearances, it's an extraordinary work.

Below are two sneak peeks from Chu's half-hour film:

Still Photos

The 31:49-minute documentary may be seen in full here. It's equally as engaging as the documentary on Serra's work.

An exhibition of Kapoor's work continues through April 1 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Anish Kapoor Profiles at Gladstone GalleryLisson Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts (Videos in Sidebar), and Tate 

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Louise Gallagher said...

I always coming away feeling like I want more. These two videos do that too!

And... watching them and seeing the beauty of his form, I think... I need a little more quiet time for thinking. :)

Thanks so much Maureen. Fascinating.

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