Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meet 'Body Architect' Lucy McRae

I became obsessed with this idea of blurring
the perimeter of the body, so you couldn't see
where the skin ended and the near environment started.
~ Luc McRae

Australian designer, architect, and classically trained ballerina Lucy McRae is "fascinated by the idea of what happens when you merge biology with technology" in  the human body. The TED Fellow, who has created a swallowable perfume whose scent can be smelled as the user perspires, calls herself a "body architect". She's inventive, provocative, deeply curious, and takes a decidedly different perspective on our world. Here's a brief introductory video in which McRae, who is based in Amsterdam, talks about her concepts and some of her work to "re-shape the human silhouette":

MacRae has been the subject of a long list of print and online articles, gives talks and workshops, exhibits around the world, and has been the force behind dozens of art-, design-, and music-related projects.

Lucy McRae Blog

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