Thursday, May 30, 2013

Richard Serra Asks, Why Make Art?

I always wanted an alternative existence. . . I wanted to do
something where I could study my own sentiments 
and experiences. . . I [can] do that in relation to making things
and making art in particular.

. . . [Artmaking] fulfills in each of us something we lack. . . .
~ Richard Serra

How would you answer the simple question, Why make art? In this short video interview from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, sculptor Richard Serra considers the creative process and the artist's perception of the world and how each can influence the other:

The video was produced for SFMOMA's "Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective", October 15, 2011 - January 16, 2012. Check the multimedia section at the link for other videos in which the artist talks about his materials, artistic tradition, and other aspects of his work. A 56-minute talk between the artist and co-curator Gary Garrels is here.

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D.M. SOLIS said...

For artists and art spirits it is like breathing. Not to create or be inspired by the creative works of others is, for creatives and the creative at heart, in many ways like not living or living only half a life. It is how we perceive, interpret, experience, and share the worlds around and within us.

Anonymous said...

it's just a word used to define doing things with things.
and the same word is used to name the things that we have done with things.