Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No Extra Time (Poem)

No Extra Time

She folds the towels in
a sweet way, embroidered

initials tucked out of view.
When your eyes meet hers

the first time after words,
the soft moon of a single

pinked nail grazing one
cheek, you bend yourself in

to her long tender arms, she
knowing to re-turn the towels

just so, and so it takes
no extra time.

© 2013 Maureen E. Doallas

This poem was inspired by the lines "You fold the towels in a sweet way." and "It doesn't take extra time." Both lines are quoted from "What We Nurture", an interview with Sylvia Boorstein's at On Being (March 29, 2012).


Brian Miller said...

ha. i rather like folding the laundry...its rather a meditation to me...something i learned to fold just a way that i dont have to think...i like th extra care given in turning it just the right way...

Anonymous said...

Some things just come naturally and aren't measured in time, I enjoyed this !! just popping in & saying hello to my poetic neighbor on OpenLinkNight !!

grapeling said...

Nicely paced crafted, Maureen, employing the intimacy of folded towels to illustrate the "re-turn" after a row.
~ M

Anonymous said...

In the eye of the poet, romance is found in the everyday, common becomes the extraordinary and this was delightful to read!

Jerry said...

Laundry is the ever present poem around here. Often free verse. Thank you Maureen

TALON said...

So tender...so beautiful.

Mystic_Mom said...

Reminded me of my Grandma in a way, and that is very sweet. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

i like it.