Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Wonder: Cicadas, Visualized

The mid-Atlanta region, where I live, was supposed to experience this year the sight and sound of the 17-year wonders called periodical cicadas. I saw exactly one, although areas to the west, south, and north of my location have reported many, many more — and also have heard the unmistakable chorus known as the cicada call. 

Fascinated by the insects, natural history filmmaker and time-lapse photographer Samuel Orr is making what promises to be an extraordinary film documenting the life cycle of these mysterious creatures. (He crowd-funded his project successfully on Kickstarter.) Orr expects to release a preview or director's cut of his film, titled Return of the Cicadas, in April 2014 and the completed film the following year (it is to be shown on PBS); in the meantime, he has made available a short version that I think more than qualifies for today's Wednesday Wonder:

Return on the Cicadas on FaceBook

Samuel Orr on Twitter

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