Thursday, October 24, 2013

'The Flyway Project' of Robert Wilson

I know that if it's not controversial, then it doesn't have an edge,
and it's not very good art.
~ Artist Robert Wilson

For his commission by the Albuquerque Public Art Urban Enhancement program, Robert Wilson conceived The Flyway Project, which pays homage to both New Mexico's landscape and birds (specifically, the Sandhill cranes that fly over the area each year). Placed in 2011, the installation comprises 96 recycled Jetty Jacks* (16 rows of six) that angle from true north to true south; it is sited just off Coors Boulevard in Albuquerque.

In this interesting 21-minute video, Wilson, who has a medical degree, discusses his inspiration, conception, and construction of the sculpture:

Open Space Visitor Center: Land Art (You will find still photos of the sculpture at this link.)

Dan Mayfield, "Public Art Draws Fire", ABQJournal, August 8, 2010

* Jetty Jacks are steel beams that once were used to control flooding along the Rio Grande. 

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Anonymous said...

that quote. didn't vincent van gogh say that?