Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Black Furs and Diamonds (Poem)

Black Furs and Diamonds

She'd pledged never to live forever
in blue jeans and go-go boots,

hadn't worn a headband and slit
skirts in ages. She'd traded in

her cheap sunglasses, even taken
off the white kid gloves. From now

on, she'd promised, she was stepping
out in black furs, with diamonds

on the soles of her shoes. Yessir!
When Ruby puts her red dress on,

every sucker in a three-piece knows
it's time to rock and roll.

© 2013, 2014 Maureen E. Doallas

This poem owes its existence to titles of Rock-and-Roll songs. The titles are, in order of appearance: Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond), Go-Go Boots (Drive-By Truckers), Headband (B.o.B.), Slit Skirts (Pete Townshend), Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top), Kid Gloves (Marmaduke Duke), Black Furs (Judie Tzuke), Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Paul Simon), Ruby Puts Her Red Dress On (Joel Crouse), Every Sucker in a 3-Piece (Van Halen), Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin).

I wrote this originally for TweetSpeakPoetry's fun July 2013 theme, "Rock and Roll".


Anonymous said...

i like it

scribblywriterly said...

love the determination to go out and have fun!

Björn said...

Great idea to use rock song titles.. a little bit like the book-title poetry we did with Sam in form for all a couple of months ago... check it out.

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

Maureen, I enjoyed your poem. It reminded me of Paul Simon's -- we wear diamonds in our souls! joanie

Brian Miller said...

ha. its a very cool blend of songs....i could live forever in blue jeans, i think...better than me in a red dress, just saying...ha....put another quarter in the juke box...

humbird said...

Very playfully ~ love this style, Maureen :)x

Anonymous said...

That knocked me out of my shoes... Self realization of age is wonderful when you go from hot to ravishing! This little poem is so huge in visualization... bravo..

Beachanny said...

I kept seeing those familiar phrases and thinking - "what's up with this" but then I got lost in the character you created. It made me smile when I saw that you were framing the poem from song titles. How clever! How satisfying!

Laura said...

You wove this fine poetry cloth well… I think Ruby would be pleased to parade herself about in it.