Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Muse: Writing & Reading Erasure Poetry

If you've ever been curious about erasure poetry and its practitioners, the video below, "Free Verse: Erasure Poetry Festival", offers an introduction by way of three excellent poets: Matthea Harvey, author of the wonderful Of Lamb (McSweeney's, 2011), a collaboration with Amy Jean Porter, who illustrated Harvey's erasure of A Portrait of Charles Lamb by Lord David Cecil; Janet Holmes, author of The Ms of M Y Kin (Shearsman Books, 2009), an erasure of Emily Dickinson poems; and Travis Macdonald, whose first book of erasure, The O Mission Repo (Fact-Simile, 2008; available through re-sellers), uses The 9/11 Commission Report. All the poets read from their work or explain how they create poetry by erasing text. The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted the event.

Travis Macdonald, "A Brief History of Erasure Poetics", Jacket Magazine, 2009

Go online to see British artist Tom Phillips's A Humument, which is based on a Victorian novel by W.H. Mallock(See the limited-edition Tom Phillips reads from A Humument. Phillips's first edition of A Humument, is on exhibit through January 19 at MASS MoCA. The work, now in a fifth edition, is available for iPad and iPhone.)

My thanks to The Found Poetry Review for the video link.

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