Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Red Dust, Spanish Lace (Poem)

Red Dust, Spanish Lace

The bull cannot resist
the lure of the muleta.

In his last act, the matador
makes a pass and turns

the dust red. Long after
the bull goes to ground,

the senorita puts a hand
to her neck, withdraws

the steel shaft of the lace
pin securing her mantilla.

The veil at last dropped,
he kisses the only blemish

adorning her olive skin.

© 2014 Maureen E. Doallas

The theme at TweetSpeakPoetry this month is Spanish lace.


Glynn said...

Wonderful poem, Maureen. Perfect - without a blemish.

Peggy Rosenthal said...

I agree with Glynn. Perfect vignette. I can almost hear the castanets in the background.

Björn said...

I love first of all the story.. though I always feel sorry for the bull.. but then how you used the spanish words perfectly to accentuate the rhythm of the poem by rhymes...

Brian Miller said...

wow...the only blemish....what a close on this maureen..i like the energy of the scene itself...have never seen a bullfight in person...figure its intense...a bit sad for the bull too...

HisFireFly said...

the red dust lingers
with thoughts of Africa
and the clay that still clings
to my heart

scotthastiepoet said...

Hi again Maureen, loved this piece, especially you final lines:

"he kisses the only blemish

adorning her olive skin."

With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

Wolfsrosebud said...

lovely description

Anonymous said...

good one
for the theme
well done

Kate Mia said...

Ahh..the things
a man will
do to
the beauty
of the prize..
is beauty is

lynndiane said...

This piece is a "killer"...Bravo!

Laura said...

Flawless Maureen.

Kay said...

I wonder which he enjoys more, the thrill of the chase or the prize at the finish. So thrilling!