Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Cast-Iron French Classic (Poem)

A Cast-Iron French Classic

Who doesn't know how to
bake a quiche in Lorraine

has never been to France.
Why, it's as easy as a pie

crust you roll out by hand;
it holds seven beaten eggs

and some stiff creme fraiche
like no German kuchen ever

could. Simple savory types,
the kind for you manly men,

take thick slices of smoked
bacon to get them to table.

Just never call any meat tarts
or pronounce the word kische

in Lothringen's presence. Too
much a reminder of medieval

days and chain mail. Besides,
it's been conquered, you know.

Don't add onions, either; that is
quiche Alsacienne, likely not

to slice well in Paris. Some say
to add a bit of shredded cheese

— Swiss, Gruyere, Emmental —
but why mix up a classic, risk

a Mon Dieu! A touch of nutmeg
is plenty of spice. True, it won't

lower your fat content but then
you'll enjoy the salad on the side.

© 2014 Maureen E. Doallas

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Simply Darlene said...


i like the play on knightly chainmail