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Monday Muse: New Hampshire's Poet Laureate

. . . the language of poetry isn't only the translation
or expression of experience; the language of 
poetry is experience. . . .*
~ Alice B. Fogel

New Hampshire's current Poet Laureate is Alice B. Fogel. Formally nominated in November 2013, Fogel was appointed to the five-year position and began serving in January of this year. She succeeds the late Walter E. Butts, who held the post from March 2009 through March 2013. Forgel's term concludes in 2019.

In making the appointment, which for the first time includes an annual honorarium, New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan cited Fogel's ability to "[help] convey the human relationship to the natural world in a way that all poetry readers can appreciate." Fogel says her goals as the state's "abassador for poets" are to bring more poetry to more people, get more people reading poetry, and collaborate with in-state arts organizations to promote poetry within and without the state.**

Information about the honorary position, which has no specified duties, is found in my January 10, 2011, post about Walter Butts.

* *  * * *
. . . I write poems to make new things out of language. 
Words are my paint, my clay, my dance steps. I like how they taste, 
look, sound, move, feel, interconnect, come with history, association, 
archetype, surprise. I love how they can be molded and altered, 
rearranged, punned with, and onomatopoeiaed. . . .***

Alice B. Fogel is the author, most recently, of Interval: Poems Based upon Bach's Goldberg Variations (forthcoming in 2014 from Schaffner Press), which was awarded the Nicholas Schaffner Award for Music in Literature, and the best-selling poetry collection Be That Empty: An Apologia for Air (Harbor Mountain Press, 2007). 

Fogel also has published Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for the Reluctant Reader (Hobblebush Books, 2009), which she based on a program she devised for New Hampshire Humanities Council. Her objective in writing the book was to make poetry as accessible as possible.

Fogel's other, earlier poetry collections are I Love This Dark World (Zoland Books, 1996) and Elemental: Poems (Zoland Books, 1993).

Her poetry, Fogel toward a Valley News interviewer in 2013 (see link below), is not "about my life. . . I'm much more interested in perception and different takes on reality and how we can express the inner life we share with the whole planet." To that end, Fogel takes as her themes nature (especially), human consciousness and awareness, relationship or connectedness, memory, time's passage, love, loss, joy.

In her carefully, elegantly written poetry, Fogel makes much of language, layers images and allusions to show rather than narrate what is happening, uses metaphor, similes, and syntax to heighten emotional effect or influence meanings, writes sometimes entirely in third person, and sometimes does not punctuate. Cadence and music are noteworthy. While critics apply such descriptors as "complex" and "intelligent" to her poems, Fogel says that a poem is not complete until it is read (Amoskeag Journal "Author Spotlight"). Multiple readings of Fogel's poems tend to reward. 

Rather than offer a complete poem here, I've chosen a selection of lines from a variety of Fogel's poems to give a sense of how beautifully she creates images and how musically she works her words:

". . . With my body like a brine spiraling. . . ." (from "Variation 1: Yhwh")

". . . I brewed the rutilated / light till it refracted in the wells between comets rocketing. . . ." (from "Variation 1: Yhwh")

 ". . . that dry crackling of pallid / corn stalks clacking. . . ." (from "To the Bone")

". . . Dark, darker, the syrup / darkening under midnight's departing moon: the comet / moonlighting, the sap—moonshine. . . ." (from "Sweet Vein")

". . . To crush sloughed leaves / with slim sounds no louder in heaven // than none — migrate / through tunnel skin meant to briefly // burrow in — emerge / clean removed and hunt whole again." (from "Variation 6: Snake")

Poems by Fogel have appeared in The Boston Globe and scores of prestigious magazines, journals, and literary periodicals, including Adanna, Atlanta ReviewBarrow StreetChelsea Magazine, Crab Creek ReviewCrazy HorseGreen Mountains Review, Iowa Review, LettersMassachusetts Quarterly, Minnesota ReviewNotre Dame Review, PleiadesPloughshares, Poetica, Poetry DailyPoetry NorthwestPoet's Choice (from Robert Hass), SpillwayTriQuarterly Review, and Yale Letters.

Some of the anthologies that include Fogel's poems are Lay Bare the Canvas: New England Poets on Art 2013A cappella Zoo #8: Spring 2012 (Volume 8),  2008 Poets' Guide to New HampshireBedside Guide to No Tell Motel Vols. 1 & 2 (No Tell Motel, 2007), Best American Poetry OnlineClaiming the Spirit Within: A Sourcebook of Women's Poetry (Beacon Press, 2001), Rattapallax 5 (A Journal of Contemporary Literature) (Ram Devineni, 2001),  Under the Legislature of Stars: 62 New Hampshire Poets (Oyster River Press, 1999), Poet's Choice (Ecco Press, 1998), and Best American Poetry (Collier-Macmillan, 1993).

A lecturer in English at Keene State College, Putney, Vermont, who also teaches students with learning disabilities, Fogel is the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (1997); has been nominated at least six times for a Pushcart Prize; and has been honored with an Alligator Juniper Writing Award and a Daniel Varoujan Award for an unpublished poem (nontranslation) (New England Poetry Club). She completed in 2012 a residency at Carl Sandburg National Historic Site, Flat Rock, North Carolina.

For her company Lyric Couture, Fogel designs one-of-a-kind clothing (what Fogel calls "collaged artwear") of repurposed materials.


Photo: Keene State College

All Poetry Excerpts © Alice B. Fogel

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