Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Interview with Curious Autodidact Ariel Malka

Reinventing the wheel is often necessary when you want
to create something original. . . .

I refuse to see a separating line between art
and technology. Learning to program is likely
only a matter of motivation.
~ Ariel Malka*

Please join me today at TweetSpeak Poetry blog for Part 1 of my two-part interview with the ever-inspired and inspiring Ariel Malka, whose work has been described as "a fantastic, multidimensional way to get out of the rut of single-perception thinking." A self-taught software designer and programmer of inordinate curiosity, Malka, who was born in France and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, shows himself to be one of the most creative of off-hours creative coders now exploring the fascinating  realm of interactivity in digital space. 

In today's feature, Malka talks with me about his experiments in "Chronotext" and app-building. Next week, he discusses some of the literary texts that he wants to explore in digital space and his research and development initiatives, including mobile phone and tablet apps. He also shares some biographical information that shines a little light on the man behind the software code.

* Quotes are from my interview, which I conducted via e-mail.

Ariel Malka on Twitter

Malka and his innovative work have been the subject of a number of articles, including: Dafna Arad, "An App for Deciphering Ulysses", Haaretz, July 1, 2014; Dan Nosowitz, "Ulysses Is More Fun to Read as a Game", Fast Company, June 10, 2014; and "Ulysses App Lets You 'Literally Wrestle' with Joyce", The Guardian, June 11, 2014

He Liked Thick Word Soup at iTunes

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