Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Motion Poems' 'The Mother Warns the Tornado'

Below is a stellar new videopoem from MotionPoems. Watch, then read the text of Catherine Pierce's "The Mother Warns the Tornado". Pierce's wonderful poem captures beautifully the profound, visceral emotions a mother summons to protect her child, even against the ravages of nature.

The film was made by Isaac Ravishankara in partnership with VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.

Catherine Pierce and Isaac Ravishankara talk with Maggie Roy about the film. 

Catherine Pierce is the author of the award-winning collection The Girls of Peculiar: Poetry (Saturnalia Books, 2012) and Famous Last Words (Saturnalia, 2008). Her third collection, The Tornado Is the World (Saturnalia), is due out in 2016.