Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Short

Today's short is the trailer for Girl from God's Country (GCG Productions), a documentary about silent film pioneer Nell Shipman (1892-1970). Shipman was a director, screenwriter, actress, animal rights advocate, and a pioneer in a male-dominated industry. She made 27 feature-length films.

Inspired by Shipman's life and career, director, producer, and writer Karen Day of Boise, Idaho, looks at the status of women today in film and other creative media. 

Day's documentary has been screened domestically (2014 Sun Valley Film Festival, 2015 Bentonville Film Festival) and internationally (2015 New York International Film Festival, Artisan Festival International: Cannes World Cinema). It was named "Best Documentary" at the Artisan Festival International.

GIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY Trailer 3 minutes from gcg productions on Vimeo.

Girl from God's Country on FaceBook

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