Tuesday, November 24, 2015

flamenco clouds — a found poem

flamenco clouds — a found poem

a day at home awaiting
the keys     I open
a full suitcase

worn yellow like autumn
in rain     like colors
in a creek that returns

empty in the hours
of spring   frogs at their business

in the poem
that leaves a poem
in the garden bed

a single maple leaf
calls during flight—
an opera     we spin

in through the door
of this house
a photograph messages

through frames
like morse code
across an olden moon—

an unlocked window into
the future    on the diagonal
where we will meet

the hunter    somewhere
silent       aiming
cutting down

the glass on the motorway
like flamenco clouds


This is a found poem that uses words from a recent "Top 10 Poetic Tweets" at Tweet Speak Poetry.


MLHE said...

Nice images in this poem. Improved my life in the moment. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Maureen, I love when I see a poem from you in my inbox. I had to come and say about this one: Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Your voice is a gift to this tired world.