Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Short

Today's short is the trailer for the timely new documentary 120 Days (Sammy Slate Productions) from writer, director, and film editor Ted Roach. It was one of more than two dozen feature-length movies, documentaries, and shorts that were presented October 22-25 at the Greater Washington Immigration FilmFest. Its District of Columbia premiere during the FilmFest took place October 22 at American University, as part of the 2015 Human Rights Film Series; it also was screened October 25 in Silver Spring, Maryland, at Unitarian Church of Silver Spring.

The multi-award-winning film's subject is Miguel Cortes, who is discovered to be in the United States illegally, and ultimately given the option by North Carolina Immigration Court to return to Mexico within 120 days or face criminal charges and deportation. Cortes's wife Maria Luisa and his family also star in the documentary and figure prominently in the challenging decisions Cortes must make. 

Of this personal, real-life family story, Roach states, "I wanted this documentary to . . . introduce some balance and humanity into this ongoing debate [about illegal immigration]. . . [W]e need to remember that the people most affected are not just numbers. They are individual human beings caught up in economic, social, and political forces beyond their control." (Read the director's statement in full.)

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The documentary may be previewed, purchased, or downloaded at iTunes.

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