Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Short

Today's 20-minute short is writer-director Jason LaMotte's The Library, which stars Missy Keating as "Emily". His inspiration, LaMotte said in an interview with The Guardian, was a neighborhood library in Houston, Texas, which "still carries a magical feeling for me. . . ."

The cinematographer and film editor was Gabriel Larmour. The music, Take Me, was scored by 6 Day Riot.

The Library - Behind the Scenes on Vimeo

Jason LaMote on Vimeo

1 comment:

Julie Ali said...

A gorgeous short.
I also loved the song.

Thank you for introducing yet another beautiful piece.
It presents the illness of dementia in all its tragedy of loss of past, present and future; yet some things live beyond memory.

In this story, love endures.

I looked up some more of Jason LaMotte's work and found it very interesting. I don't usually watch movies but these clips were just the right length for me.
He's pretty darn good at his work.