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All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ Swedish artist Cecilia Levy excels at the art of paper art. Her 3-D objects made from old books are eggshell-thin and altogether remarkable. I'm especially drawn to her cups with text, plant forms such as thistles and acorns, and, in the objects section of her Website, the series Sisters & Daughters and Boots.

✦ View a selection of lovely artist books by Camille Riner of South Dakota. Riner's Etsy Shop offers inexpensive kits for making artist books. Riner also is a commercial book designer.

✦ Materials such as stone, steel, wood (discarded tree trunks especially), and nails are fashioned into eye-catching sculptures and installations by Jae-Hyo Lee. Jae-Hyo, who is represented by London's Albemarle Gallery, is a native of South Korea and has received a number of awards, including an Irish Sculpture in Woodland commission (2002). Watch a video with the artist.

✦ The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagrab, Croatia, soon will have a counterpart in Los Angeles. Read "Donate Relics of Your Broken Heart to L.A.'s Museum of Broken Relationships" (LAIst, February 25, 2016) and "An Early Look at L.A.'s Museum of Broken Relationships" (LA Weekly, February 25, 2016).

✦ The fee for admission to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City is no longer "recommended"; now, it's just "suggested" you pony up $25.00 to gain entry. Read about the reasons for the word change. 

✦ The video below is the trailer for the 30-minute documentary Bernice, from filmmaker Kristina Sorge. The film relates the formative role Bernice Steinbaum had as an art dealer extraordinaire, her influence in the art market of the 1970s and 1980s, and especially her devotion to the cause of artists such as Faith Ringgold who were subject to racial and gender bias. 

My thanks to Art Report for the link.

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Exhibitions Here and There

✭ San Francisco's Legion of Honor, part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, is the only U.S. venue for "Pierre Bonnard: Painting Arcadia", continuing through May 15. On view are more than 70 artworks spanning Bonnard's career, including Man and Woman, The Boxer (Self-Portrait), and The Work Table. A selection of early Nabi master works (Bonnard was a member of the group of painters called Les Nabis or "Seers"), experimental photographs, and interior scenes is included. See images and read a brief interview with curator Esther Bell.

A 336-page exhibition catalogue (see image below) is available.

Catalogue Cover Art

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) at The Art Story

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✭ The Project Wall at the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum features site-specific wooded landscapes and sculptures by Peter Sutherland. The first solo museum show for Sutherland, "Forests and Fires", on view through April 3, showcases the artist's talent for combining photography and painting. Read a two-page Gallery Guide (pdf), listen to an audiocast in which Sutherland talks about the materials he uses and how he makes his sculptures, or watch the video below. View additional installation photos.

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✭ Korean art in the collection of Clark University's Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, is on show in "Nature Unfolded", continuing through April 3. Featured are two recent acquisitions, an early 19th Century eight-panel screen, Grapevine Screen by Choe Sokhwan, and an 18th Century vessel, Joseon Moon Jar.

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✭ The first major museum exhibition of the work of the late Kevin MacDonald (1946-2006) goes on view April 2 at American University's Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C. Another spring show is "William Dunlap: Look At It - Think About It", an exhibition of Dunlap's assemblages. Both MacDonald and Dunlap are well-known names in the Washington area. Each show runs through May 29.

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Notable Exhibition Abroad

The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam is presenting "Rembrandt's Naked Truth" through May 16. Featuring more than 50 paintings, drawings, sketches, and books, as well as a selection of Rembrandt's etchings, the show examines how the great artist drew nudes. A catalogue (W Books) accompanies the exhibition (see image below).

In a collaboration with Dutch photographer Carla van de Puttelaar, the exhibition creates a link with contemporary art by showcasing van de Puttelaar's The Rembrandt Series, which was inspired by Rembrandt's nudes. In the brief video below, the photographer, known for the chiaroscuro effects in her work, talks about her inspiration, artistic methods, and techniques.

Another exhibition, "Rembrandt's Late Pupils" is planned for 2017.

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