Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's Three on Art

Today's edition of Thursday's Three features art videos.

✭ Attracted to "trying to make something out of the unwanted thing", photographer Mariah Robertson, who lives and works in Brooklyn, creates one-of-a-kind artworks by experimenting with chemical reactions on paper. See Robertson's recent work at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles.

My thanks to Art 21's "New York Closeup" series.

✭ Based in New York City, Taylor McKimens paints remarkable scenes from ancient European history as well as rural American life. See, especially, his portraits.

My thanks to Art Report for the link.

✭ Ceramist Ashraf Hanna, Egypt-born and now a resident of the United Kingdom, speaks about his work in the video below. Ashraf, who exhibits widely across Europe, received a Welsh Artist of the Year award in applied arts in 2012/13.

In this bonus video, Ashraf demonstrates in his studio how he makes his pots:

Ashraf's Website currently is under development but features a number of images of his recent ceramic and glass vessels. Stellar work!

Read a profile of Ashraf Hanna at Arts Council of Wales.

Ashraf Hanna at Ceramics Today

Ashraf Hanna on FaceBook

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