Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Simple Poetry....

Simple Poetry . . .

Pearls slipping off,
a mouthful

of affection, like candies—
three in one hand

two in the other


I am having some
trouble with Shakespeare.

Every night
I've prayed to be able

to put all that poetry
in just six words.


That woman in Paradise,
she did not believe

how God sees
she started along

the path to trouble.


A little bit of porridge
every morning

is better than a night
without poetry.


These simple pieces were created using words from TweetSpeak Poetry's post "Top 10 Anne of Avonlea Quotes" (February 25, 2016). Several others are in the comments on the post.

1 comment:

Eric K. said...

I love these very concise forms. The essence of poetry, to me, is its brevity and economy -- putting as much meaning and craft into the tiniest vessel possible.