Wednesday, May 10, 2017

David Lanier: 'Why I Went to the Woods'

The most important things that we have are having friends 
who care about you, having food you can go to eat at a church, 
and just a safe place to sleep.
~ David Lanier

David Lanier used  to be a sportswriter and special correspondent for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette; for more than 20 years he covered the Arkansas Razorbacks. "Circumstances happened," he said, "and I ended up not having that job anymore." Recognizing that his loss gave him an opportunity to write about homelessness in Fayetteville, he "ended up living it." In the documentary short below, by Sarah Moore Chyrchel, Lanier tells his moving story.

Why I Went to the Woods: David Lanier's Story from Sarah K. Moore on Vimeo.

(My thanks to Aubrey James Shepherd and Shadowleaves Company for the video link.)

David Lanier on FaceBook

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